Fighting means strengthening our strengths, turning them into advantages, and using them correctly: Ruben Vardanyan

Fighting means strengthening our strengths, turning them into advantages, and using them correctly: Ruben Vardanyan

Public figure, politician, and former State Minister of the Republic of Artsakh Ruben Vardanyan presented the areas important for the future of Artsakh, toward which he will continue working and to which the programs of his “We Are Our Mountains” territorial development agency will be directed.

Vardanyan emphasized that his goal remains unchanged: to do everything possible to ensure a SAFE, FREE, DIGNIFIED, ARMENIAN ARTSAKH.

He noted that this year marks the 35th anniversary of the Karabakh movement, a struggle which is still ongoing. “For many, the struggle is war, the struggle is victims. In my understanding, the struggle is when you correctly assess your strengths and weaknesses. In doing so, you know what to do to minimize the danger arising from these weaknesses and to strengthen your strengths, turn them into an advantage, and use them correctly. The struggle for me is to wake up every morning and ask myself, ‘What have you done toward that goal?’”

Vardanyan noted that eight directions of struggle have been identified, around which the programs will be implemented. They include, specifically, the strengthening of sovereignty; the creation of a reliable system of security and defense, including civil defense; the creation of a viable economic system; the confrontation of hybrid war; and the establishment of a quality and competitive education system. “The problems facing us require coordinated action and the concentration of all forces. The government cannot carry out these works alone; it is only possible to accomplish these by consolidating all private and public resources and involving the potential of the Armenian world. We as a society cannot overcome our challenges unless we come together. We have to do everything we can to trust each other.”

He noted that the “We Are Our Mountains” agency, founded in November of last year, has implemented more than 4 million US dollars’ worth of projects aimed at supporting Artsakh, mainly in two arenas: strategic initiatives and public projects. The programs of the latter group were aimed at solving problems of the first priority of the people of Artsakh during this crisis. The “We Are Our Mountains” agency will continue its active projects in Artsakh.

Speaking about the importance of public trust in the authorities, Vardanyan noted that he adopted transparency as a primary principle, because a transparent working style is the basis of justice. “Staying in Artsakh, I will remain vigilant to ensure that those principles are preserved.” In this context, he referred to the discussions on providing new social benefits (in terms of utility payments, etc.), noting that such decisions should be transparent: the public should be informed of the funds with which they will be implemented, in the event that the budget is approved with a deficit and the previous social programs and commitments undertaken have not yet been fulfilled.

Vardanyan also spoke about the need to maintain “red lines” related to Artsakh, which, according to him, will be extremely important not to cross in terms of keeping Artsakh safe, free, dignified, and Armenian. “I am glad that my contacts with leading officials and representatives from all walks of life helped define the ‘red lines.’ We will be vigilant in protecting those ‘red lines,’ because any violation is unacceptable.”