The second stage of the “Help to Artsakh Craftsmen” program has started

The second stage of the “Help to Artsakh Craftsmen” program has started

The second stage of the “Assistance to Artsakh Craftsmen” program, implemented by the “We Are Our Mountains” agency, has started, within the framework of which training courses in crafts or advanced training in specific specialties are organized for participants who submitted an application, and the necessary tools and equipment are provided to existing craftsmen.

During the first stage of the program, applications for participation were received and reviewed. From almost 120 applicants, 80 beneficiaries who met the program criteria were selected. The program envisages that all beneficiaries will be provided with the necessary tools and equipment, and almost 30 of them will also participate in training courses.

“We can say that there are basically three large groups – confectioners, beauty professionals – hairdressers and manicurists, repairmen. Training courses for confectioners, as well as hairdressers and nail artists have already begun, and repairmen mainly applied for tools and equipment, since they had to leave everything behind in Artsakh,” says Armen Mangasaryan, head of social programs of the agency “We are our mountains”.

The courses for confectioners, hairdressers and nail artists will last one month and will be conducted in the best specialized companies. Upon completion, the participants will be given the necessary tools to start working in their new specialties.

“This is one of the agency’s small programs, which, however, solves the issue of employment for each of its participants. We started the program taking into account that many craftsmen cannot continue their work here purely due to the lack of tools. The co-founder of our agency, Ruben Vardanyan, has always considered it important to implement programs that create an environment and opportunities so that people can express themselves, work and create. This program also does not involve one-time assistance, but provides an opportunity for people to work and take care of their families, which is now very important for our Artsakh compatriots,” says Grigory Martirosyan, director of the “We Are Our Mountains” agency.

If possible, the agency intends to continue the program, expanding the range of its participants.

The agency “We are our mountains” was founded in 2022 by Ruben Vardanyan and his partners. The organization’s current programs are aimed at supporting compatriots forcibly evicted from Artsakh.