Wings Pilot Program in Dilijan: Promising Progress in Enhancing Psychological Well-being for Children and Families Displaced from Artsakh

Wings Pilot Program in Dilijan: Promising Progress in Enhancing Psychological Well-being for Children and Families Displaced from Artsakh

The Wings initiative, a pioneering program dedicated to the comprehensive rehabilitation and holistic development of displaced children from Artsakh, has not only made significant strides in addressing the psychological challenges of participating 43 children but has also facilitated healing within their families.

Launched in November 2023 by “We Are Our Mountains” development agency and made possible by the Charitable Foundation for the Promotion of Education «Dar», Wings witnessed collaboration with strategic partners, including the Dilijan Community Center, UWC College Dilijan, Climate Uturn, and the Impulse Football Academy—organizations that were co-founded by philanthropist Ruben Vardanyan.


The uniqueness of the “Wings” rehabilitation program lies in its holistic approach, concurrently integrating psychological, physical, and mental facets. “We firmly believe that these elements are interdependent, and their harmonization is pivotal in the sustained progress and well-being of these children,” added Sona Hovhannisyan, Head of Educational Initiatives and Human Capital Development.

“Through careful psychodiagnostic evaluations and attentive consideration of parental concerns, we identified significant challenges faced by these children, including insomnia, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, mistrust, hopelessness, over-tension, and emotional instability,” shared Ani Apitonyan, the psychologist of the program.


The comprehensive interventions and dedicated efforts of the Wings program, have showcased substantial alleviation of these concerns among the participating children by the conclusion of the program. Observations indicate noteworthy progress in the children’s psychological well-being, reflecting a positive shift towards resilience, stability, and hope.

The ultimate aspiration of the Wings initiative extends beyond the immediate impact on participants. By preventing the transmission of trauma to future generations, the program aims to create a ripple effect of healing and resilience.


“While our primary focus was the psychological well-being of the children, we acknowledged the importance of addressing familial dynamics and the impact of displacement on the entire family unit,” shared Ani Apitonyan. Consequently, the Wings initiative introduced individual and group therapy sessions designed to support the psychological healing of the families. These sessions provided a safe and supportive space for caregivers and family members to address their own emotional challenges, develop coping strategies, and strengthen family bonds.


“To uproot trauma and prevent its lasting impact, it’s crucial to fortify against its penetration and establish a resilient foundation for the future. Each displaced child from Artsakh necessitates ‘Wings’ during their initial year of adaptation.  Our objective for 2024 is to grant ‘Wings’ to a minimum of 600 displaced children. We invite financial assistance and partnerships within the project framework to co-deliver any of its components,” added Narine Aghabalyan, the Head of Programs.