“Our Mountains” center opens in Stepanakert and hosts first discussions

“Our Mountains” center opens in Stepanakert and hosts first discussions

The “Our Mountains” center has opened in Stepanakert. It will become a setting for discussions, debates, and the presentation of new ideas and programs. During the first discussions that took place in the center, the new plan for introducing an alternative communication system was presented. Under the blockade, Artsakh residents are deprived of vital resources, including quality communication. The main goal of this program, implemented by the “We Are Our Mountains” territorial development agency with public-private cooperation, is to provide a reliable and quality means of communication for the population, even in the case of internet shutdowns.

Grigory Martirosyan, head of the agency’s projects in Artsakh, presented the progress and significance of the project for the people of Artsakh.

“The goal is to establish a system that will become an alternative and reliable means of communication for the people of Artsakh, even in the case of an internet blockade. As a result of the project’s implementation, we expect that completely new communication opportunities will be created for Artsakh,” said Martirosyan.

The other discussion hosted at the center pertained to the security issues of Artsakh. It was presented by the Highgate Consultancy sociological company and based on the security-related sections of the sociological surveys the company conducted in Artsakh in December 2022 and late January/early February 2023. The research is quite comprehensive and covers topics such as Artsakh’s security, civil participation in state governance, women’s involvement in political life, relations with Diaspora Armenians, identity and education, social equality, and more. Ruben Vardanyan, co-founder of the “We Are Our Mountains” agency and former Minister of State of the Republic of Artsakh, noted that prior to implementing any program, it is critical to understand the people’s approach and their main concerns and issues so that the programs are targeted toward solving their vital problems. The “We Are Our Mountains” agency is guided by that principle.

Referring to the activities of the “Our Mountains” center, Vardanyan noted that it will become a platform for discussions, debates, the presentation of new ideas and programs, and the organization and hosting of various social, cultural, and educational events. Discussions will mainly cover two areas: expert strategic analyses as well as reports on the progress and results of the implemented programs.

“During this crisis, it is important to have a place that will facilitate a cooperation mechanism between the private and public sectors. I am sure that unity, both within and without, is the only way that we will overcome these challenges,” said Vardanyan.