A new orchard was opened in the area adjacent to the Tatev Monastery

A new orchard was opened in the area adjacent to the Tatev Monastery

May 25, Tatev, Syunik region. Within the framework of the Pan-Armenian pilgrimage to Tatev Monastery, an opening ceremony of a new orchard, initiated by the “We Are Our Mountains” development agency, was held today in continuation of Ruben Vardanyan’s vision of creating a green zone in the vicinity of the Tatev Monastery.

Anyone could plant a tree in the park by making a donation or supporting the project. The money raised as a result of financial participation will be directed to the development of Tatev community. A drip irrigation system is also being created to take care of the garden.

“The new garden is a symbol of life and a new beginning, Ruben Vardanyan’s contribution to the prosperity of his people and homeland. We decided to organize these events on Ruben Vardanyan’s birthday, with the aim of continuing Ruben Vardanyan’s legacy and creating good for the residents of this region, as well as reminding the public that Vardanyan and dozens of our compatriots continue to be illegally detained in Baku prison, and and we cannot feel complete while they are there,” said Grigori Martirosyan, executive director of the “We are our mountains” development agency, event organizer.

At the opening of the garden, a ceremony of “andastan”, the consecration of the 4 cardinal directions, was also performed by the Vicar of Syunik Diocese, Reverend Makar Hakobyan and the clergy of the Diocese.

Joint prayers for the early release of Ruben Vardanyan and other Armenian prisoners held illegally in Baku, as well as ethnographic and cultural events in Tatev and Halidzor, were also held within the framework of the “Tree of Life” pilgrimage organized by the “We Are Our Mountains” agency founded by Ruben Vardanyan.

The co-organizers of the pilgrimage are the Holy Armenian Apostolic Church, the Armenian General Benevolent Union, the Armenian Aid Union, the “Aznavour” Foundation, the “Teach for Armenia” educational foundation, the “ATP” charitable foundation, the “Tufenkian” Foundation, H. Hovnanyan Family Foundation, “Orran” charity organization, Tatev community.