“We Are Our Mountains” agency is grateful to donors for standing beside Artsakh

“We Are Our Mountains” agency is grateful to donors for standing beside Artsakh

The “We Are Our Mountains” territorial development agency constantly keeps in touch with its donors and informs them about progress on the projects implemented with their support.

Speaking on Easter eve from Gandzasar, one of the most important spiritual centers for all Armenians, Ruben Vardanyan, co-founder of the “We Are Our Mountains” agency; Narine Aghabalyan, head of the agency’s cultural and educational programs; and His Excellence Bishop T. Vrtanes Abrahamyan, leader of the Artsakh Diocese, expressed their gratitude via video message to the supporters of the agency in various countries who supported the implementation of various programs in Artsakh and for whom the fate and future of Artsakh are important.

Aghabalyan shared that about 12,500 children in Artsakh have already received their gifts as part of the “Gifts for Children of Artsakh” project and thanked all the donors who made the realization of this project possible under the conditions of the blockade in Artsakh. “In besieged Artsakh, where children have been deprived of even the basic right to education for a long time, the implementation of such programs and bringing smiles to children’s faces holds a special meaning.”

Vardanyan noted that it was impossible to gaze upon the joyful faces of the children without excitement and that it was important to invest in their future, because that means investing in the future of Artsakh. “Holding such an event in Gandzasar is extremely symbolic, because the struggle continues. The fight continues for the future of our children, for the right to live on our land and to live our lives according to our laws and traditions. In Artsakh, they believe in the future and are ready to face all difficulties,” he said.

Bishop Abrahamyan noted in his speech of blessing that standing by the children of Artsakh means standing by God. “We bring our blessing to all those who are performing a truly godly deed. May the Lord be a helper to all of us, so that we can always be kind to each other, so that there is stable peace and longevity in Artsakh.”