Summer practical course “FUN FRENCH” for Artsakh students

Summer practical course “FUN FRENCH” for Artsakh students

The “We are our mountains” organization, with the support of the “Satar Artsakhin” Union (France) and in collaboration with the leadership of Yerevan school No. 48 named after Misak Manushyan, organized additional French language classes for Artsakh students from March to June 2024. The initiative aimed to help the students master the educational material and catch up with their classmates. The successful experience prompted the organizers to continue working with children during the summer.

From July 1 to July 19, the summer practical course “Fun French” will be held. In addition to Artsakh children-students from the school named after M. Manushyan, Artsakh students from other schools learning French can be invited to participate.

The course will take place in Yerevan’s Eraz Park from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 to 12:30. The program includes French language games, singing, oral role-play, writing exercises and more.

Meals will be provided for the children.

Participation in the program is free.


  • Develop the children’s language skills and strengthen their knowledge of the French language,
  • Provide meaningful educational support to displaced children, promoting their social integration and emotional well-being,
  • Stimulate the children’s interest in languages, as well as their motivation for learning and development.


Yerevan, Arabkir administrative district, Eraz park

Implementation dates

Implementation dates

July 1–19, 2024


  • Direct beneficiaries: 40 Artsakh schoolchildren studying in schools with advanced French instruction, French teachers forcibly displaced from Artsakh.
  • Indirect beneficiaries: family members of the children – more than 120 people



  • Participants will have a rewarding experience that combines a fun approach with effective, accelerated French language learning, and will have the opportunity to develop their ability to communicate in French in a relaxed environment, strengthening their language skills.
  • The opportunity to express themselves and share their experiences will promote children’s emotional well-being and social inclusion.
  • The children will be introduced to a new culture and will expand their horizons.
  • Their participation in the program will boost their interest in language learning and help them acquire valuable skills for future academic studies and professional life.