Leaders2Leaders: continuous development program for aspiring leaders

Leaders2Leaders: continuous development program for aspiring leaders

Leaders2Leaders stands as a transformative peer-to-peer continuous development program crafted for aspiring Artsakh Leaders, who have faced the challenges of displacement from their cherished homeland in Artsakh.  

In the face of adversity, these leaders have demonstrated remarkable resilience. Leaders2Leaders aims to empower them further to persist in their leadership journey, catalyzing transformative change and sculpting a prosperous future not only for themselves but also for their families, communities, and country. This program owes its existence to the concerted efforts of “We are our Mountains” territorial development agency, Matena International School’s expert group,  Alumni of Matena International School, Harvard and Oxford Universities in Armenia. Together, they unite with a shared vision: to extend a helping hand to their fellow Artsakh leaders.  

Program objective  

To facilitate comprehensive upskilling and reskilling processes, enhancing the competitiveness of displaced leaders from Artsakh within the labor market, helping in nurturing their entrepreneurial ventures and, crucially, in establishing a robust network of like-minded leaders from Armenia.  

Program Highlights:  

  • Tailored Support: program provides personalized guidance and mentorship, tailoring support to meet the unique needs of Artsakh leaders. 
  • Socio-emotional support, self-awareness, holistic skill assessment and development: Through a thoughtfully curated curriculum, participants gain vital skills in leadership, communication, and modern professional practices, ensuring they are well-equipped for success. 
  • Expert Collaboration: Leveraging the expertise of Matena’s skilled professionals and the vast knowledge networks of Harvard and Oxford alumni, Artsakh leaders receive unparalleled insights and guidance. 
  • Career Pathing: The program offers intensive career counseling, aiding participants in identifying their passions and aligning them with lucrative and fulfilling career pathways. 
  • Job Placement Assistance: Leaders2Leaders assists participants in navigating the complexities of the job market, offering support in resume building, interview preparation, and connecting them with potential employers. 
  • Entrepreneurship Opportunities: For those inclined towards entrepreneurship, the program nurtures business ideas, providing mentorship and resources for successful venture creation. 


Alumni of Matena International School of Leadeship and Professional Development, Harvard  and Oxford Universities in Armenia



all regions of Armenia

Implementation Dates

Implementation Dates

Nov 2023-June 2024


Direct beneficiaries: 160 current and aspiring leaders from Artsakh (to be realized in two stages) 

Indirect beneficiaries: 160 affected families 

Leadership communities  


The multifaceted approach ensures a holistic development, fostering both individual growth and collective synergy among participants.