As of today, a charity canteen is operating in Stepanakert

As of today, a charity canteen is operating in Stepanakert

As of today, a charity canteen is operating in Stepanakert in order to alleviate the social hardship created as a result of the blockade and to provide food to the most vulnerable groups of the population. The canteen will operate on the territory of “Park Hotel Artsakh,” using its canteen and kitchen facilities, as the hotel is no longer operational due to the blockade. 

 The project was initiated by the “Artsakh Security and Development Front” public movement, the social sphere working group of the “We Are Our Mountains” territorial development agency, as well as with the blessing and involvement of the Diocese of Artsakh of the Armenian Apostolic Church. 

 A service contract was signed with one of the private companies providing public catering services, and the latter undertook to provide the beneficiaries of the program with one meal per day. 

The idea for ​​the project was inspired by the operation of such social-charitable canteens in different countries. In difficult situations, they not only aim to support vulnerable groups as much as possible, but also exercise a psychological impact by creating an environment of communication and preventing people from becoming isolated. 

 Though there is no technical possibility to distribute food to individual social groups, there is the opportunity to prepare a dish from scarce food and serve it to people. In this harsh reality, everything will be done so that more people can make use of the program. To this end, the volunteers will deliver the already prepared food to the people who are not able to visit the canteen. “We will make sure that a comfortable environment is created for people and that the canteen is provided with food every day. Today, we are in such a situation that we should support each other as much as possible,” said Hayk Avanesyan, a member of the “Artsakh Security and Development Front” public movement committee. 

 The area of ​​the canteen was chosen taking into account the fact that it is located next to the Holy Mother of God Cathedral in Stepanakert, and the clergy will also visit the citizens to interact with them. Before the first meal was served today, a blessing ceremony was performed. 

 The canteen will serve people from 13:00 to 16:00. Children under 16 and their companions, as well as pregnant women and senior citizens over 65 years of age, can become beneficiaries of the program. 

If possible, the program will be expanded. There are plans to open another such canteen next to St. Hakob Church in Stepanakert. 

 Additional details about the program can be accessed by calling the short number 3333. 


“Artsakh Security and Development Front” public movement