The “Tree of Life” was planted in the area adjacent to the Tatev Monastery

The “Tree of Life” was planted in the area adjacent to the Tatev Monastery

As part of the pan-Armenian pilgrimage to Tatev Monastery and with the blessing of the Armenian Apostolic Church, a symbolic “Tree of Life” was planted in the territory of the complex on behalf of Ruben Vardanyan and his friends as a sign of the strength, endurance and spiritual unity of the Armenian people.

Plantain (chinar or tnjri) has had a special meaning for Armenians since ancient times, being a symbol of hope and permanence. The longest-lived plane tree of the Armenian world is the 2,000-year-old tnjri of Artsakh.

I am deeply touched to see how a large number of organizations, individuals, including local residents, joined and supported these events, the Tree of Life initiative, expressing their appreciation for the great things Ruben has done in Tatev. I am grateful to Ruben’s friends and associates for continuing his mission and trying to make Ruben’s vision a reality,” Ruben Vardanyan’s sister Marina Ales said.

At the exhibition that opened in the oil press Dzithan of the monastery complex, photos reflecting the stages of the Tatev Revival project, founded in 2008 by Ruben Vardanyan’s initiative, from the construction of the Tatever ropeway to the restoration of the monastery complex’s structures, were presented.

The co-organizers of the “Tree of Life” pilgrimage held at the initiative of the “We are our mountains” agency founded by Ruben Vardanyan are the Armenian Apostolic Holy Church, the Armenian General Benevolent Union, the Armenian Relief Society, the “Aznavour” Foundation, the “Teach for Armenia” educational foundation, “ATP” charitable foundation, “Tufenkian” foundation, H. Hovnanyan Family Foundation, “Orran” charity organization, Tatev community.