Artsakh teams participated in CaseKey Business Case Competition 2023

Artsakh teams participated in CaseKey Business Case Competition 2023

The educational program, orchestrated by the collaborative efforts of the “We are our Mountains” agency in tandem with the CaseKey organizer “Nation in Action,” has successfully reached its conclusion. Commencing in May of this year, this comprehensive six-month initiative was tailored specifically to engage students from Artsakh in the CaseKey Business Case Competition.


While the competition has been a recurring annual event in Armenia over the past three years, this marked the inaugural opportunity for aspiring young individuals from Artsakh to participate actively. To facilitate their involvement, two dedicated teams were formed, representing the “Our Mountains” and “Munk” technoschool in Artsakh. These teams were carefully nurtured under the guidance of esteemed specialists and coaches from Armenia, focusing on honing their skills to effectively address both local and international business cases.


Despite encountering various challenges along the way, the Artsakh teams valiantly participated in the CaseKey competition held from November 10-12, 2023 in Dilijan, ultimately making impressive progress by reaching the semi-final stage.


Reflecting on this transformative experience, participant Luiza Gabrielyan shared, “The practical skills we acquired in an educational setting closely resembling real-world scenarios have already proven invaluable: the capability to meticulously analyze problems, collaborate effectively within a competitive team environment, and innovate with unconventional solutions—all of which are integral to our current lives.” 


Regarding the implementation of the program during a particularly challenging period, Sona Hovhannisyan, Head of Educational Initiatives at the “We are our Mountains” agency, expressed, “The program persevered through the most arduous phase of the blockade. Despite numerous obstacles faced as organizers, the unwavering enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge exhibited by the participants, their relentless determination to attend classes online despite life’s adversities, provided us with enduring strength. We take immense pride in our students’ remarkable success and resilience, extending heartfelt gratitude to all our partners for their unwavering support throughout this project.”