The “We Are Our Mountains” agency implements urgent projects to solve the priority basic needs of the people of Artsakh

The “We Are Our Mountains” agency implements urgent projects to solve the priority basic needs of the people of Artsakh

In the conditions of the full siege of Artsakh, the “We Are Our Mountains” territorial development agency initiated and has already started to implement urgent programs aimed at solving the priority basic needs of the people of Artsakh.

Since June 15, Azerbaijan’s complete blockade of humanitarian cargo transport through the Lachin Corridor has created a difficult situation in Artsakh. Taking into account the resulting conditions, the agency, in cooperation with the “Artsakh Security and Development Front” public movement, has initiated a number of programs.

“Projects that can be implemented in Artsakh with local resources have been selected, because at the moment, there is no cargo transportation to Artsakh. All of our programs related to transportation are currently frozen. In the current situation, there are many problems and, of course, our agency cannot sit idly by. On the contrary, we have decided to expand our activities and demonstrate that even in such situations, we can achieve a lot through our own efforts,” says Ruben Vardanyan, co-founder of the “We Are Our Mountains” agency and coordinator of the “Artsakh Security and Development Front” public movement.

Some of the projects have already been launched, while others are still in the preparation phase.

Program for transporting pregnant women and patients to the hospital by electric car.

This program started on July 27, and around 200 pregnant women and patients from Stepanakert and its neighboring villages have already been transferred to hospitals. As a result of the complete siege, the lack of gasoline and diesel fuel has caused serious difficulties with regards to the movement of the population. In this situation, timely transportation of pregnant women and those with health issues to the hospital is of vital importance.

Provision of tin stoves to socially disadvantaged groups.

This program has also already started and involves the manufacture and distribution of tin stoves for firewood to underprivileged groups. The “We Are Our Mountains” agency implemented a similar program last winter, taking into account the fact that such stoves are of primary importance for a population facing power outages and gas shortages.

“Revival of the Hakobavank Monastery Complex” project. 

This project is aimed at preserving historical and cultural heritage. Restoration work on the 7th century monastery complex and surrounding area has already started.

Repair of social and educational infrastructures of Kolatak village of Martakert region.

The village is located near Hakobavank. This project envisages the renovation of the Kolatak village school and several derelict houses in the community to provide for needy families.

Program for organizing summer camps.

Within the framework of this program, support was provided for the organization of the “Moonk” technical school camp, backyard camps for children, as well as training sessions and competitions.

Social canteen program.

This program is in preparation and will be launched in the coming days. In these days of total blockade, when vulnerable groups of the population face particularly great difficulty in obtaining food, this program is of urgent importance.

Implementation of cargo transportation by horse-drawn carts.

As a result of the lack of gasoline and diesel fuel, the connection from village to city and city to village was cut off. In this situation, it is vital to carry out cargo transportation using horse-drawn carriages. The project is still in the preparation stage and will be launched soon.

With the support of the agency’s donors, the “We Are Our Mountains” team will continue to initiate and implement new programs, which are aimed at alleviating the many problems of the Artsakh Armenians living under the Azerbaijani blockade for about eight months now, and, from June 15, under total siege.