Primary healthcare mobile teams

Last updated: 27.11.2022

Primary healthcare mobile teams

Mobile teams (general practitioner and nurse) providing access to primary healthcare for 15,000 people living in rural areas in three regions of Artsakh.


  1. Fill gaps in access to primary healthcare services (infrastructure, medical personnel, and quality of preventive and medical care)
  2. Provide a link between medical and social needs
  3. Expand access to medical care for vulnerable groups in the population
Implementing partner

Implementing partner

HENAR Charitable Foundation

Santé Arménie NGO



Martuni, Martakert, and Askeran regions of Artsakh

Implementation period

Implementation period

January – December 2023, with a subsequent transfer of assets to operations management and their full integration into the healthcare system


The population of Artsakh:

  • 15,000 people, 25% of the regions’ population, 40% of the regions’ rural population
  • 7,500 appointments per year, visits to each village weekly or once every two weeks
  • 50% of the consultations – management of patients with hypertension, 20% – management of patients with diabetes (assumption based on the experience of a mobile healthcare team pilot project in Syunik)

Healthcare workers in Artsakh:

  • 3 doctors and 3 nurses, people involved in preparing new teams
  • Hospital staff, from whom a significant burden of the population’s primary healthcare needs will be taken away
  • Professional development for 30 nurses at paramedical centers in villages
  • Improvements in managerial competencies (heads of three referral centers and staff at the Ministry of Health and related agencies)


Over the course of the first year implementing the project, the mobile teams will be fully integrated into Artsakh’s healthcare system. Subsequent co-financing of operating costs will come out of the budget as part of the existing payment system for primary healthcare services. The costs of continuing medical education for the mobile teams will be covered by the long-term, sustainable projects of our partners – HENAR Foundation and Santé Arménie NGO.


* The implementation of the project depends on the availability of transportation, possibly with the support of the Red Cross and/or other humanitarian actors.