“DAVIT BEK” Sports and Tactical Games

Last updated: 28.04.2023

“DAVIT BEK” Sports and Tactical Games

Davit Bek Airsoft League, the first championship in Stepanakert for school children ages 15-17.

8 teams will participate in the championship, 120 people total (including girls). Each of the teams undergoes a two-month special training conducted by the Davit Bek instructors.

Sports and tactical training will help each of the teams organize and learn how to work as a team during the games.

After a special training program, the games will be held, the outcome of which will determine the first champion of the David Bek League.

Within the framework of the Davit Bek Championship, the games will be held according to the same principles which apply to participants of the preliminary military training camps for high school students.

*Training camps are held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Artsakh.


  1. Popularization of the culture of team-tactical games
  2. Patriotic education of the youth
  3. Creation of an airsoft league
Implementing partner

Implementing partner

Alliance of youth clubs



Stepanakert, Artsakh

Implementation period

Implementation period

May-August 2023


Championship participants themselves (120 people)

The people of the Republic of Artsakh receive:

  • Popularization of patriotic culture among the youth
  • A well-established mechanism for scaling the Championship and training throughout Artsakh

* The implementation of the project depends on the availability of transportation, possibly with the support of the Red Cross and/or other humanitarian actors.