“We Are Our Mountains” is contributing 200 tons of food to the forcibly displaced Artsakh families

“We Are Our Mountains” is contributing 200 tons of food to the forcibly displaced Artsakh families

The “We Are Our Mountains” agency is providing about 200 tons of high nutritional value dry food to 5,000 forcibly displaced Artsakh families. It is estimated that the amount of food will constitute a 20-day food ration for a four-member family.

The distribution of food will be implemented in partnership with the government agencies and charitable organizations involved in providing humanitarian support to the deported. “At the time when people of Artsakh have urgent needs, we stand ready to provide assistance, starting with everyday needs. Dry foods such as pasta, several types of flour and high-quality powdered milk will be available for a targeted distribution,” said the head of the agency’s Artsakh projects Grigori Martirosyan.

The food supplies that cost in the region of USD 600,000 are made available thanks to the contribution of the supporters of “We Are Our Mountains” and Ruben Vardanyan’s family. “Together with our generous partners and supporters, we are happy to help the deported Artsakh families”, said Veronika Zonabend, Ruben Vardanyan’s wife. “We understand that a long-term, systematic and coordinated approach is required in order to ensure that Artsakh people can have opportunities for a dignified existence under these extremely challenging circumstances. We will do our best to be part of the effort, and I know that Ruben is very  grateful to everyone who supports the people of Artsakh in this difficult hour. While focusing on urgent needs, we plan to concentrate on enabling the people of Artsakh to develop their potential through education, upskilling and training programs.”


Founded by Ruben Vardanyan in 2022, the “We Are Our Mountains” agency’s goal was initially to empower sustainable socioeconomic and cultural development of Artsakh. With the start of the blockade, it focused on providing humanitarian aid to the people of Artsakh, including food supplies, primary healthcare, and supporting children, youth and women. With the mission of empowering Artsakh people, “We Are Our Mountains” practices a goal-oriented approach based on human values, respect, integrity, and courage.