“Educational Kaleidoscope” Artsakh Summer Festival for Life-Long Learning

Last updated: 27.04.2023

“Educational Kaleidoscope” Artsakh Summer Festival for Life-Long Learning

Artsakh’s Life-Long Learning Festival is a series of educational summer programs that will be held in the cities and villages of Artsakh during the summer of 2023, designed to accommodate all age groups.

The festival is structured as a series of summer camps, each of which is dedicated to addressing one of the identified priorities.

The camps will be implemented offline in cooperation with educational organizations from Artsakh and Armenia. The management of the festival will be carried out by the local organizing committee, with the support of colleagues from Armenia. The aim is to transfer expertise and programs to cultivate the skills of the local team in Artsakh.


  1. Identifying Artsakh’s future leaders with an active stance in life and a sense of responsibility for the future of Artsakh, while also instilling in them critical values.
  2. Developing their competencies in teamwork, resilience towards local and global changes, and the ability to maintain connections with the global world while also fostering self-sufficiency within their community.
  3. Supporting mental strength and psychological resilience of both children and parents.


Camps will be implemented based on the availability of funds and their prioritization.


“David Bek” Youth Championship

*independent project

This initiative aims to provide sports and tactical training for high school students.
Climate Uturn Agri-CampThe implementation of agricultural plantings in the territories of camp participants will involve transferring skills to their families and providing assistance with rotational planting.
Leadership Development Program

*fundraising completed

This initiative focuses on value-based leadership development and women’s empowerment. It will involve co-creating a vision for the future, while also increasing the importance of the role of women and developing their leadership potential.
Socio-emotional programsThis initiative will feature a range of events, including art events, storytelling, fairy tale therapy, coaching, and more, all aimed at developing the psychological resilience of teachers, parents, and children of all ages.
Media Literacy CampThe development of cybersecurity skills and critical thinking among students will be a key focus of this initiative.
CaseKey CompetitionThe development of business acumen among students aged 17-24 will be achieved through the use of business cases as a problem-solving approach.
GAP CAMPThis initiative seeks to eliminate gaps in the academic curriculum of high school seniors.
First Aid CampThe focus of this initiative is to develop first aid and emergency response skills.
Implementing partners

Implementing partners

Matena School of Leadership and Professional Development, Climate Uturn,  Scholae Mundi



Stepanakert and the following villages: Tsmakahogh, Kolatak, Ashan, Agorti, Patara, Tsaghkashat

Implementation period

Implementation period

June-September 2023


Participants and organizers of the festival (covering up to 1,000 people)

▶ The population of the Republic of Artsakh receives:

  1. A team of future leaders involved in strategic development projects in Artsakh
  2. Expertise and practical skills in psychological self-regulation and teamwork
  3. Increased motivation to continue to live, create, and develop on their own land



  • Established process of interaction between representatives of the educational ecosystem of Artsakh

* The implementation of the project depends on the availability of transportation, possibly with the support of the Red Cross and/or other humanitarian actors.