A new life for greenhouse agriculture in Artsakh

Last updated: 28.04.2023

A new life for greenhouse agriculture in Artsakh

Providing about 14,000 square meters of greenhouse space with the systems necessary to boost efficiency and achieve year-round production.

Increasing domestic food production is becoming an urgent need in Artsakh, which is under a constant threat of blockade.

In Artsakh, there are dozens of relatively large greenhouse farms that operate steadily for several months a year. With the appropriate equipment, they can dramatically increase their production.


  • Improve Artsakh’s food security by expanding the production of primary products
  • Help sustainable and competitive greenhouse growers improve their efficiency to a professional level
  • Equip greenhouse farms with cooling, humidification, lighting, heating, irrigation and fertilization systems based on the principles of co-financing and repayment
  • Launch a continuous cycle and ensure the program’s sustainability by directing returned funds to equip new farms under the same terms
Implementing partners

Implementing partners

Ministry of Agriculture of Artsakh Republic, Artsakh Rural and Agricultural Support Fund (hereinafter – Foundation)



All regions of Artsakh

Implementation period

Implementation period

9 months for the first cycle; on a rolling basis thereafter


Direct beneficiaries: More than 60 people employed in greenhouse agriculture
Indirect beneficiaries: The entire population of Artsakh, supported by the domestic production of vegetables and other crops



Establishing a means of agricultural production that is stable and professional
Increasing Artsakh’s level of food security


* The implementation of the project depends on the availability of transportation, possibly with the support of the Red Cross and/or other humanitarian actors.