Leaders2Leaders continuous development program launched to empower aspiring leaders from Artsakh

Leaders2Leaders continuous development program launched to empower aspiring leaders from Artsakh

Yerevan, December 12: A pioneering transformative the Leaders2Leaders program, has been launched to cultivate the potential of aspiring leaders from Artsakh.


Developed through a collaborative effort between the “We are our Mountains” territorial development agency, Alumni of Matena International School of Leadership and Professional Development, Harvard and Oxford Universities in Armenia, Leaders2Leaders represents an innovative, ongoing development curriculum tailored for 80 aspiring leaders from Artsakh.

Structured as a series of modules, the program is geared towards fortifying leadership capabilities. Its primary goal is to equip individuals with the tools needed to navigate change, fostering not only personal success but also the prosperity of their families and communities.

Sona Hovhannisyan, Head of Educational Initiatives and Human Capital Development at the “We are our Mountains” agency, expressed, “Under the guidance and proposal of Ruben Vardanyan, the Matena International Leadership School, in collaboration with our agency, has conducted four professional retraining programs in Artsakh in the past year. In light of the recent tragic events, we are steadfast in our commitment to carrying forward Vardanyan’s work and initiatives, aiming to impart crucial knowledge to our fellow Armenians from Artsakh. Our objective is to empower them as adaptable and influential leaders within their communities.

At the core of our program lies the belief that substantial positive change stems from effective leadership. These leaders, in turn, act as catalysts, propelling the development of their environment, community, and nation.”

“Leaders2Leaders” is a comprehensive, five-month transformative program tailored for displaced aspiring leaders from Artsakh. Operated on a peer-to-peer learning basis, the program equips participants with vital skills necessary for effective leadership and team management, advancing through various modules.